m3u + xtream codes

Login to your Dashboard and open left menu MANAGE LINES => Action => DOWNLOAD (M3U)

(Username is you Email address)

Do not share your m3u link with other cause your m3u link include Server URL (XC API URL), Username and Password which can be used for most likely all IPTV apps.

If you need Xtream Codes (XC) Login (seperate Server URL (XC API URL), Username and Password), you can simply generate it out of the m3u link:

If your m3u link looks like this:

You’ll find the Server URL (XC API URL), Username and Password within the link:
(In some cases Username and Password enjoy small and capital letters, keep this in mind please.)

Then your Xtream Codes (XC) login looks like this, based on above m3u link:
Server: http://tv.estreams.iptv.uno

Username: MyUsername
Password: MyPassword
(And please keep in mind, small and capital letters are important.)